A Very Successful WES National Show for ML Training

21083387_1294351787357835_6137395517609938031_oWe have just returned from a very fun and successful weekend at the WES national show 2017.
Everyone competed in classes they had never taken part in before and came out with amazing results ! Everyone’s hard work and determination really came through ! Darryl winning the championship pleasure, Phil riding saddle-less and bridle-less in the freestyle reining taking first place, Chloe coming 2nd in a class of 21 in the novice horse ranch riding and Fran winning the Amateur high point were just a few highlights !
Well done everyone, great fun, great achievements and Awesome horses !!!
A special thank you to Jackie Langford cheif trail advisor and assistant chef
Open horsemanship – Deborah Langford – Dually – 1st
Youth ranch riding – Chloe Charlwood – Bonnie – 2nd
Open Western Riding- Michael Langford- Dually – 1st
Open Reining – Deborah 1st, Phil Armitage – Baileys 2nd, Fran Armitage Whiz 3rd
Intermediate Horse Pleasure – Michael – Toyah 1st, Darryl Charlwood – Dolly 2nd, Phil 4th
Freestyle Reining – phil & Baileys 1st
Prelim pleasure – Darryl 1st

Open Pleasure – Deborah 1st, Darryl 2nd, Michael 3rd, Phil 5th
Open ranch – Deborah 1st, Darryl 5th, Chloe 6th
Intermediate Horse Reining – Fran & whiz 1st
Championship ranch – Deborah 2nd

Championship Pleasure – Darryl 1st, Michael 2nd
Championship Horsemanship – Deborah 1st
Championship western riding- Michael 3rd on dually
Championship Reining – Michael 1st on dually, Phil 2nd on Baileys
Amateur showmanship – fran Armitage – 1st
Final novice horse trail – Michael Langford 3rd, Darryl Charlwood – 5th
Amateur Trail – fran Armitage 2nd
Amateur pleasure – fran Armitage 2nd, Darryl charlwood 3rd, Phil Armitage 6th
Novice horse ranch riding – Chloe charlwood – 2nd
Amateur ranch riding – fran Armitage 1st, Phil Armitage 2nd
Novice horse reining – Chloe charlwood 5th
Amateur reining – fran Armitage 1st
Amateur horsemanship- fran Armitage 1st
Fran Armitage and MD baby Whiz amateur high point award
Deborah Langford and BR Dual Rey Open High point award

About ML Training

ML Training offers western riding training, coaching and instruction for all levels of horse and rider. Established by Michael Langford after a long apprenticeship with international judge and past Team GBR competitor Bob Mayhew, ML Training offers some of the UK's best facilities for starting, training and maintaining the western horse. Michael has had success training all breeds of horse and specialises in establishing solid foundations in his horses and confidence in his riders. Michael is proud to have produced horses from scratch to National level and remains one of only a handful of UK trainers to have done so.