Sara Hill


Nando and Sara Franklin

Norwegian Fjord gelding
Groundwork, problem solving, all around western training

“I contacted Michael Langford as my relationship with Nando had reached rock bottom, Michael had not met a Norwegian Fjord before. A Quarter Horse he is not but Michael agreed to help us. After three weeks of coming to our yard and supporting us with some groundwork, Nando went to stay at Dumpford Manor Farm. Nando was booked in initially for two three months in June 2011. Dumpford Manor Farm is now his home and we haven’t looked back since! Not only has our relationship improved far beyond what I could ever imagine, with Michael’s skills, training and high level of support a whole new world has opened up before us.

Nando and I now regularly attend clinics and compete in trail and horsemanship classes, the sliding plates are on and we eagerly await the time when we can take part in a reining class. The knowledge base, commitment and enthusiasm shown by Michael has enabled me to begin this journey of learning a new riding style that is empathic with my horse. I can relax in the knowledge that Nando is happy and settled in his five star accommodation, with Michael and his team attending to his every need.”

About ML Training

ML Training offers western riding training, coaching and instruction for all levels of horse and rider. Established by Michael Langford after a long apprenticeship with international judge and past Team GBR competitor Bob Mayhew, ML Training offers some of the UK's best facilities for starting, training and maintaining the western horse. Michael has had success training all breeds of horse and specialises in establishing solid foundations in his horses and confidence in his riders. Michael is proud to have produced horses from scratch to National level and remains one of only a handful of UK trainers to have done so.